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Neutrogena® Hydro Boost fragrance free facial line

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Formulated to respect and minimize disruptions to the skin moisture barrier

––while balancing AESTHETIC and CLINICAL BENEFITS to improve patient compliance.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost products for every step of your patient’s routine! All formulations are fragrance free, dye-free, and non-comedogenic.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel, Fragrance Free

  • This new, fragrance free formulation is a lightweight gel formulated to generate a premium silky lather
  • Formulated with hyaluronic acid and glycerin
  • HMP and Natrasurf® technologies work together to provide premium cleansing and foaming aesthetics, while minimizing surfactant penetration into the skin moisture barrier
  • Proven to increase skin’s hydration level and lock it in, boosting hydration with every wash

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  • Ultra-light, hydration-packed serum delivers all-day hydration on and within skin’s surface
  • 17% Hydration Complex formulated with hyaluronic acid, humectants, pro-vitamin B5 and glycerin
  • Helps even out skin tone for smooth, glowing skin
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Extra-Dry

  • Unique gel-cream formula helps strengthen the skin moisture barrier and delivers intense moisturizing power
  • Clinically proven to provide up to 48 hours of lasting hydration1
  • Harnesses the power of Unique Liquid Crystal Gel Matrix, including hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and olive oil-derived emulsifiers
  • Premium aesthetics: absorbs quickly like a gel––while boosting hydration

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer SPF 50

  • Provides long lasting, weightless daily hydration with SPF 50
  • Antioxidants help fight against environmental aggressors like ozone, sun-induced free radicals and pollution
  • Invisible on all skin tones, including darker Fitzpatrick skin types
  • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and non-greasy


  1. Clinical Kinetic Moisturization Study. Dufort M et al. Poster presented at the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology, June 8−13, 2015, Vancouver, Canada.