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Resources & products for
managing acne effectively

The annual impact of acne

Acne is the most common diagnosis made by dermatologists in the U.S.1—affecting nearly 50 million people of all ages.2 On this page, you’ll find key resources and products to help you and your patients manage acne effectively.

Resources For Your Patients

Resources For Your Patients

The complete guide to acne treatment

Image from the acne patient guide

A detailed look at what acne is, why it happens, and how patients can achieve and maintain clearer skin.

Create a personalized acne regimen

Image from the patient acne quiz

Here’s an interactive quiz that helps patients create a personalized regimen with the right acne treatments and information. 

Resources For You

Resources For You

Acne Technology

Acne Technology


Number 24 with blue clock

MicroClear® technology blends salicylic acid with sebum dissolvers in a synergistic microgel complex to deliver the medicine to the source—deep within the follicle.


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