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Effective cleansing with superior preservation of the lipid barrier

In many cleansers, surfactants can disrupt the lipid barrier and penetrate into the stratum corneum, causing irritation. But sensitive skin cleansers formulated with less or no surfactant may be ineffective at removing impurities and can leave a heavy residue, even after rinsing.

Hydrophobically modified polymer (HMP) technology reduces the amount of surfactant available to penetrate the skin's surface.

Extremely gentle foaming cleansing that rinses clean, leaving no residue

HMP technology in action: click to watch a brief overview of the exclusive technology within Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser.

Superior preservation of the lipid barrier

HMP technology creates large polymer-surfactant complexes with minimal ability to disrupt the lipid barrier. Penetration of dye into skin following treatment with 3 cleansers, as shown by fluorescent microscopy images below. Less fluorescence (green) indicates greater lipid-barrier preservation.1