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enhancing beauty

What brand of makeup offers products that are better for skin than wearing no makeup at all?

Patients not only expect cosmetics to help enhance their beauty but also to improve the health of their skin. Neutrogena® Cosmetics offers makeup products, formulated with vitamins and antioxidants, that can help improve the look of skin instantly and over time.

Resources For Your Patients

Quick and long-term fixes for blotchy skin

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Your patients can learn what’s at the root of blotchy, uneven skin and how they can reduce the look of discoloration.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Close ups of faces of women with different skin tones

Have your patients take our quick quiz to discover the best shades and cosmetics products for them.

A quick guide to minerals in makeup

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Here’s an informative article that explains how mineral makeup can help bring out skin’s natural radiance.

Resources For You

Cosmetic Technologies


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MicroClear® technology blends salicylic acid with sebum dissolvers in a synergistic microgel complex to deliver the medicine to the source—deep within the follicle.


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Helioplex® Technology represents a breadth of stabilized sunscreen technologies specifically engineered to deliver outstanding photostable protection across the UVA/UVB spectrum.

Customized Patient Guide products screen

Share customized skincare recommendations with your patients

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