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Resources & products for
effective skin hydration

Help normalize the moisture barrier

Dehydrated skin can impact the many functions of the dynamic skin barrier, so it’s important to achieve and maintain proper hydration for optimal skin health. On this page are key resources and products that can help you and your patients treat and manage dry skin.

Resources For Your Patients

A day in the life of skin

How to maintain the moisture balance of your skin throughout the day.

Transforming irritated, dry skin back into moisturized, healthy-looking skin

Your patients can learn about the causes behind dry skin and how to replenish skin’s vital moisture.

Resources For You

Dry Skin Technologies


Helioplex® Technology represents a breadth of stabilized sunscreen technologies specifically engineered to deliver outstanding photostable protection across the UVA/UVB spectrum.

Active Glycerin

Active Glycerin Technology hydrates and restores barrier function in compromised skin. It acts deeply within the stratum corneum to create a glycerin reservoir, dramatically increasing skin’s moisture content and decreasing transepidermal water loss.3


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