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Resources & products for
healthy, clear skin

Gentle, effective cleansing is the foundation of healthy skin

A majority of women in the US have sensitive skin.1 So choosing the right cleanser can make all the difference—not only when it comes to patient compliance with a cleansing regimen but also for maintaining a properly functioning dynamic skin barrier. On this page, you’ll find key resources and products that can help you and your patients cleanse gently yet effectively.

Resources For Your Patients

What to do about sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be a mystery for most patients. They often don’t know what type of products to use or even how to choose them. This article can help.

Resources For You

Cleansing Technology

Polymeric Cleansing Technology

Click on the video to see how exclusive Neutrogena® HMP and Natrasurf® technologies work together to provide premium cleansing while minimizing surfactant penetration into the skin moisture barrier.


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