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Active Glycerin

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Active Glycerin

Active Glycerin

Hydrates and restores barrier function in compromised skin

The Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream is formulated with 40% glycerin, a highly effective humectant that acts deeply within the stratum corneum to create a glycerin reservoir, dramatically increasing skin’s moisture content and decreasing transepidermal water loss.1

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Active Glycerin Technology

Click to learn more about how Active Glycerin Technology supports the skin’s moisture barrier.

Stratum corneum of living skin model compared image

Active Glycerin for optimal humectant effect

The stratum corneum of living skin model treated with Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream (right image) increases in size compared to the untreated model due to increased thickness of corneocytes (yellow asterisk). Spaces between cells have been filled by glycerin (yellow arrows), but the intercellular lipid bilayer remains intact (red arrow).1

Symptoms experienced x Percentage of  respondents

Dry and uncomfortable hand conditions are a frequent problem in the healthcare setting

In a survey of 1,091 staff nurses reporting symptoms of dry and irritated skin.

The hand cream for healthcare professionals—and their patients

Nurses reporting symptoms of dry and irritated skin were provided with Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream to treat their symptoms. Following regular use, over 90% expressed satisfaction with their treatment.1

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