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The Most Important Things to Tell Your Patients About Sunscreens This Year

Misinformation and sensationalized media coverage around sunscreen are creating confusion with your patients. These are some of the most important messages to share with your patients.


New study shows SPF100+ provides significantly greater protection against sunburn than SPF50+

A split-face, randomized, double-blind comparison of SPF 100+ and SPF 50+ during actual use conditions in Vail, Colorado. 199 participants averaged 6.05 +/- 1.29 hours in the sun during a day of skiing. The primary endpoint was a clinical sunburn assessment.1

Learn more about this breakthrough study from the lead investigator, Dr. Darrell Rigel.


What Your Patients Need to Hear About Sunscreens

You can’t fight every misperception but you can arm patients with essential facts


New campaign to drive sun-safe behaviors for a lifetime of healthy skin

Neutrogena® is taking a positive approach to sun safety with a new national campaign that embraces our love of the sun while reminding people to integrate smart sun habits – Every Day is SUNDay.

In partnership with the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Every Day is SUNDay educates patients to help build sun safe behaviors and also encourages regular skin screenings through the Choose Skin Health initiative. Download and print the educational brochure today!


1, JAAD Issue 78, Volume 5, High SPF sunscreen provides signi..cant clinical bene..t in actual use conditions: SPF 100+ is more effective than SPF 50+